• Creative Arts Exhibition

    Opening Night, Tuesday 15 September, commencing at 6.00pm.
    Exhibition is open to public 15-17 September, 8.30am-4.00pm.

  • Discover The Answer

    At St Norbert College, Queens Park, we delight in the engagement of inquisitive minds, we encourage determination and the desire to ‘be your best’.

  • Tradition

    St Norbert College is a Christian community; a Catholic school influenced by the ethos of the Norbertine Order to foster the growth of our students as whole persons who will live in faith with the Church and humanity, in the image of Christ.

  • Innovation

    Our whole school approach to Academic achievement instills a disciplined approach to your children achieving success in their studies, and encourages our students to be their best

  • Community

    At St Norbert College, students are able to develop and mature in confidence as valued members of our community.