Climate Canons launch e-waste crusade

Climate Canons launch e-waste crusade

Climate Canon Christine Buluran sums up perfectly why it’s important to dispose of e-waste correctly.

“Don’t you think there are already enough global issues facing today’s society?,” the Year 10 SNC student says. “Let’s not wait for e-waste to become one of them. The incorrect disposal of e-waste is an emerging problem that is threatening the wellbeing of our natural environment. Batteries, mobile devices, old printers, laptops and other electronics contain toxic substances and if e-waste continues to end up in landfill it can lead to environmental and health complications. As humans who consume the natural resources, it’s only fair for us to protect the environment.”

Christine is one of 40 volunteers on the student-led sustainability committee that has embarked on many environment projects since forming two years ago.

This term the Climate Canons have teamed up with City of Canning and Total Green Recycling to collect e-waste in Week 8.

It follows a visit last week by sustainability educator Shelley Foster to discover the impact of e-waste. During the workshop the Climate Canons took apart hard drives in computers to understand what precious metals and materials were recoverable.

Next week the students be at the forefront of the e-waste drop-off for SNC families. The project will enable the e-waste to be recovered and repurposed rather than being sent to landfill.

SNC families can bring large items to special bins in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre car park, and smaller items can be carried to the nearby College Trade Training Centre.

The Climate Canons e-waste collection point will operate from 8am – 8.40am every morning from Tuesday 23 to Friday 27 March.

These items* will be accepted:

  • All televisions
  • Printers, photocopiers, faxes and scanners
  • Computers and laptops
  • Computer parts and accessories (e.g. keyboards, mouse, cables, hard drives)
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Cameras and video cameras
  • Routers and modems

*Please ensure CRT screens are not cracked.

Please note: E-waste Drop-off Day for Canning residents postponed

Originally, a drop-off day was to be held at SNC for residents in the City of Canning – however this event has now been postponed by the council.