Dance Night

On Wednesday 6 September, the Xanten Theatre came to life for our annual Dance Night. With over 90 students gracing the stage, it was a testament to their dedication, talents and passion for dance.

Performing for a full-house, our talented Dance students performed a range genres including Bollywood, jazz, contemporary, Irish dance, hip-hop, lyrical and tap.

After showcasing their talents on a grand scale at the annual Catholic Performing Arts Festival (CPAF), it was exciting for our co-curricular dance teams to perform for their home crowd. With choreography inspired by Paris, the Junior Dance team captivated the audience with their performance, ‘Evidament’. Embodying the unity, strength and camaraderie reminiscent of an army, the Canons’ Hip Hop Crew entertained the audience with their performance, ‘Soldiers of Style’, which was earlier recognised with a Certificate of Merit from CPAF. The audience was transported to the outer realms of space, as the Senior Dance team performed their contemporary piece, ‘Beyond Earth’s Bounds’, which deservingly received a Certificate of Excellence at CPAF.