At St Norbert College, all students are welcome to take part in Dance.

Dance provides students with the opportunity to learn new skills, experience different dance genres, develop or improve technique and foster creativity.

In Year 7, students participate in Dance as a one-term taster course with the focus on teamwork, cooperation and movement. From Year 8 to 10, students have the option to choose Dance as an elective and, in upper-school, the College offers the General and ATAR Dance course for students in Year 11 and 12.

St Norbert College also offers a range of co-curricular activities in Dance – the Canons Hip Hop Crew, the Senior Dance Team, the Junior Dance Team and the Tap Troupe. These specialist teams aim to nurture the opportunity for students to think creatively, problem solve and develop their technique and performance skills.

The Canons Hip Hop crew is open for all students to join from Years 7-12, and we encourage boys to participate and have a number of boys in the crew. The Senior Dance Team is for Years 10-12 and Junior Dance Team for Year 7-9. The Tap Troupe is offered to all students from Years 7-12.

These co-curricular groups have opportunities to perform at many internal and external events throughout the year.

Dance allows students to not only develop an appreciation of the arts but to also develop cultural understanding, skill and knowledge within the subject. The St Norbert College Dance Program provides students with the opportunity to develop friendships, resilience, confidence, team-work and an understanding of commitment.