St Norbert Day 2020

June 6 is a special and significant day in the life of our College and for Norbertines throughout the world.

It is a day in which staff and students celebrate the six College values – Respect, Heritage, Community, Friendship, Adaptability and Commitment – while honouring the life and ministry of Saint Norbert of Xanten, the founder of the Norbertine Order..

Norbert had a reputation for being a skilful and inspiring preacher and a man of peace who was always interested in the needs of the people.

To celebrate St Norbert Day, the St Norbert College community begins with a whole College Mass. Students then enjoy an outing such as ice-skating or bike riding and, on alternate years, celebrations are held on campus where stalls are run and fun activities such as a staff v students sporting contest takes place. All 900 students and staff play a role in St Norbert Day, with each Homeroom choosing their own activity to contribute to the day. To finish, everyone assembles in the O’Reilly Centre for a concert that showcases students’ and staff’s amazing talents.

This year, due to Covid 19 restrictions, St Norbert Day will be celebrated differently, beginning with a Homeroom liturgy and including for the first time smaller gatherings outside each Homeroom to sing the College hymn “with gusto”.

Happy St Norbert Day.


St Norbert Day 2020 What do students love about St Norbert College? What does being part of the Norbertine Community in Queens Park mean? Of what is the Principal most proud? These questions and more are answered as the College celebrates St Norbert Day 2020 and reflects on the 900-year-old Order that is the foundation of the Catholic secondary college in Queens Park.



Here are some photographs of celebrations in recent years past. To find out more about the history of St Norbert, click here.