Record numbers at St Norbert’s in 2019

St Norbert College in Queens Park welcomed more than 200 new students to the school in 2019, taking its student numbers to a record high.

With 169 new Year 7 students and 25 new Years 8-11 students, the Catholic secondary school now consists of 917 students, the highest number in the College’s 52-year history.

Record numbers at St Norbert's in 2019

The new Year 7 students hail from more than 40 different primary schools, a reflection that St Norbert’s has become a popular choice for parents in the south-east metropolitan region of Perth, according to College Principal Simon Harvey.

“I think our growth in enrolment numbers is a result of a determined effort to tailor our educational and pastoral programs to meet the needs of the students in our community,” he said.

“St Norbert College has always been renowned for its faith-based pastoral care program and aligning the principles of this care into our academic, cultural and pathway programs has meant that our students’ holistic needs are being catered for.

“It is no coincidence then that the achievements of our students in all areas of their development are being recognised externally. The wider community is now more aware of the previously hidden gem of St Norbert College.”

Mr Harvey said it was an exciting time for the new students to commence their secondary studies at the College.

“This is the start of a six-year journey at St Norbert College, so we want the students to remember their first weeks fondly,” he said.

“It’s a big step for these young students to begin high school, and a major milestone in their lives.”

The school has also welcomed five new teaching staff members to its ranks in 2019.