Year 7

Throughout their first year at St Norbert College, the Year 7 students experience and participate in a number of programs to ensure their transition into secondary school is as smooth as possible.

Orientation Day

Prior to beginning at St Norbert College, students participate in an Orientation Program. This is an enjoyable day allowing students to become more familiar and comfortable with starting secondary school. While the students gain information about the school and general procedures, they also participate in a number of activities organised by teachers and student leaders. By the end of the day, students have made new friends and feel more comfortable with their entry into secondary school.

Induction Day

The Year 7 Induction Day is the first day of school. New students commence prior to the whole school population, where they are able to move around the school and experience daily procedures and routines. This allows students to become familiar with the use of lockers, their timetables, locating classrooms and buildings, and organising their books and equipment. Assistance is provided by student leaders, Heads of House, homeroom teachers and classroom teachers.

Transition Program

For the first two weeks of school, a Transition Program is planned and implemented where classroom teachers work with the Heads of House to assist Year 7 students with their organisation and settling in. This includes use of diaries, individual teacher expectations, class routines, use of laptops, use of books and equipment, student buddy system, and strategies to overcome challenges and concerns. To conclude the Transition Program, students participate in an activity day. This day includes different activities encouraging students to improve their teamwork, trust-building, problem-solving and communication skills. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to find out more about their peers and develop stronger relationships.


The best thing about being a student at St Norbert College is…

“The caring and welcoming environment. Also the compassionate teachers, and how they really explain everything and help you if you need it.”

“The way the older kids are so nice to you and are always willing to help. Also the canteen ladies are really nice and funny and make some of the best cooked food.”

“Having all the really good facilities at our disposal.”