Senior School

Preparation for life is the basis of the Senior School culture of the College. The core belief is that students achieve their best in a challenging learning environment based on the pursuit of excellence.

Academically the curriculum is constructed to offer a diverse range of learning frameworks. Students in Years 11 to 12 have a broad choice thus providing the best possible opportunity for future study, career paths and personal growth.

A growing number of TAFE and VET courses are offered, providing students with a direct link to either employment or accreditation for tertiary courses.

The College offers various pathways that enable selected students to complete a trade-related qualification, gain industry experience and continue learning in a strong pastoral environment.



The Learning Support Team assists both students and staff to cater for students with special learning needs. Study sessions are offered outside of regular class time.

Dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced staff support the success of these strategies. Our record of success has produced successful students who are “Prepared for all Good Works”.

Senior School