Middle School

Middle School


The curriculum in Years 8 to 10 at St Norbert College is based on the firm foundation of knowledge and skills developed in primary school. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of young students who will live and work in the 21st century. It is contemporary in nature and incorporates the use of learning technologies in order to equip our students to be successful in their life beyond school.


The Middle School curriculum has been developed within the framework of the principles of Catholic Education. Religious Education is the first Learning Area in Catholic schools and reflects the requirements set out in the Bishop’s Mandate for Catholic Education in Western Australia.

The Curriculum Framework also informs the construction and presentation of our curriculum. The courses at St Norbert College are developed from the Learning Area outcomes as contained in this document.


In addition to Religious Education, English, Maths, Science,  Humanities, Health and Physical Education, students will choose from a range of electives. The length of time allocated to the elective varies with the year and the elective chosen.