English as an Additional Language Program

St Norbert College provides support in learning English for students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

Many students at St Norbert College are multi-lingual and speak languages other than English at home. 
While this provides our students with a broad and inclusive world view, language difficulties can sometimes prevent learners from accessing mainstream curriculum to the depth that is required at secondary level. To address this need in our student population, classes for students with languages and backgrounds other than English have been created for students to receive specialist English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) tuition in the context of the mainstream curriculum.

English as an Additional Language Program

In Years 7 to 10, specialist EAL/D classes provide students with an environment supportive of English language learning. In Years 7, 8 and 9 the EAL/D course focuses on improving students’ standard Australian English skills and supports students in the preparation for NAPLAN testing. In Year 10, students are supported to achieve OLNA and extend language skills to prepare students for Senior School subject selections.

Finally, the EAL/D course assists learners to develop key Australian cultural and social understandings and further literacy and language skills.

Students, if eligible, are able to continue Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed EAL/D units of study in Years 11 and 12, to contribute to their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), which can provide them with a solid English foundation for further tertiary study and employment.