2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon

ST NORBERT College students are putting the finishing touches on their works of art for the 2019 Creative Arts Exhibition, a free community event that showcases the diverse talents of Years 7 to 12s.

Among the highlights at this month’s annual exhibition will be a high-tech display of robot art, a giant set of knitting needles for visitors to use, as well as fine art such as the acrylic self-portrait being painted by Year 12 ATAR student Sanjita Ghimire (pictured below).

2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon

The exhibition has grown from a small viewing in an art room 20 years ago to a grand gallery of visual art, photography, graphic design, textiles, wood, metal, engineering, cake decorating, food science, robotics and more, displayed together at the College’s Xanten Performing Arts Centre.

St Norbert College Head of Technologies Samantha Mark says a lot of thought, time and effort has gone into each piece.

“I think an advantage of working on long-term projects like we do in these subjects areas is that there’s no instant do-over,” Ms Mark says. “Students these days are quite used to just deleting and starting again. You often can’t do that with project-based learning, as you have to modify and adjust to create a new solution with every step. I think the students get a good sense of actions and consequences when they work like this. They have to think about their actions, think about their options, before moving forward in the production journey.”

Miss Ghimire’s evolving self-portrait is inspired by this semester’s theme of perspectives.

“I chose to create a personal work which reflects the idea of temporary vulnerability, more specifically the brief moments I allow myself to be open with my family, friends and myself,” Miss Ghimire explains.

“My painting depicts a figure looking at the audience with an expression of sadness but also strength. The direct gaze and heaviness of the composition was intentional to emphasise the difficulty and uncomfortableness of this openness for the figure as well the person looking at the painting.

“The painting process began after a few weeks of planning and taking reference photos. I prefer working with details, so I’ve chosen to work on small areas at a time and complete the work, rather than working with the traditional layering process and building on details.

“Art used to be just a hobby for me when I was younger. I would just draw a few things and that was it. But now I’m a lot more interested in developing my art and seeing where I can go with it. My passion for art has definitely gotten stronger and is a more significant aspect of myself now.”

2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon 2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon

Miss Ghimire describes the St Norbert College Creative Arts Exhibition as “unique and spectacular”.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to see the creative expressions of all year groups and students,” she says.

What advice does she have for young arts students?

“It’s a very overused bit of advice, but practice really does make perfect. What I’ve learnt from working on my own skills over the years is that you’re never going to get better unless you make those mistakes and fill up those sketchbooks, and paint on that canvas. I realised that I’ve wasted so much time by just awing over other people’s work and feeling discouraged to work on my own art, but if you really love to do something, you actually need to just do it. It seems simple to do but is harder then it sounds, but that’s also the joy of art – pushing yourself and what you think you’re capable of, that’s the only way you’re going to get where you want to be.”

  • The three-day Creative Arts Exhibition includes a People’s Choice Award, first, second and third place awards granted by guest judge Michael Kimbar, and a Principal’s Award.
  • Opening night is Tuesday, 17 September, 6pm to 7.30pm, followed by daily opening times on 18-20 September, from 8.30am to 4.30pm.
  • The exhibition is a free community event, with a coffee and gelato van on site on opening night. All welcome.

2019 Creative Arts Exhibition unveiled soon