Mrs Anne Spinks 

While the Pastoral Care and Curriculum Programs within the College provide an excellent basis for the development of each student, there are instances where extra support is required.

The College employs two Counsellors to cater for these situations. The Counsellors can assist staff, students and parents with any aspect of a student’s educational, emotional and social development. Some examples of involvement include assistance with emotional and social issues through stress management, conflict resolution, social skills and behavioural programs.

The Counsellors offer a confidential service and are able to facilitate referral to agencies within the wider community if necessary. The Counsellors can be contacted directly during school hours.


Mr David Yeoh

Mr Yeoh is available to help service the College community by providing educational assessments. These assessments assist teachers and parents to identify and clarify a student’s level of learning so as to provide for students’ individual needs. They also provide strategies to help parents and teachers implement best practice in learning and education.

For more information about St Norbert College’s counselling and psychology services, click here (requires SEQTA login).


Mrs Michelle Lucas and Ms Karen Gonsalves

Career planning is one of the most important processes that young people undertake. With the vast options available today, it can also be quite stressful. St Norbert College aims to enhance this experience by supporting students through the different stages of career exploration and planning.

To learn more about our Career Education program, check out our dedicated St Norbert College Careers website Click here.