Cadence is pick of the bunch for Carmen

WA Opera calls for soprano Cadence

Cadence is pick of the bunch for Carmen

CADENCE Smythe – a Year 11 St Norbert College student selected by production company West Australian Opera to appear in Bizet’s masterpiece Carmen – will sing two songs in French at the production about to be launched at the WACA Ground.

One of 16 teenagers from schools around Perth to form the show’s children’s chorus, Cadence took the advice from her singing teacher to audition and, on the eve of the production and after a few false starts due to Covid, she is both nervous and excited at the prospect of singing to thousands of opera lovers in the open air.

“I will be singing two songs in French,” she said. “The first is in Act I of the opera called Avec La Garde Montante and the second song is in Act IV, called Les Voici, Les Voici.

Cadence, who has been rehearsing for the past month while on an ATAR pathway, said it was great learning opportunity because she has never sang in French or even been involved in an opera before.

Cadence is pick of the bunch for Carmen Cadence is pick of the bunch for Carmen
“The rehearsals were fast paced as we only had a month to prepare and it was also fun being able to practice in many different venues such as the WACA and the Perth Convention Centre,” she said. “I also feel that from watching the adults at rehearsals I have learnt so much and I feel inspired as a performer.”

Having trained in both classical and musical theatre singing styles with private singing lessons at the College since 2016, Cadence has pursued her passion both inside and outside of school.

“I was involved in two productions at SNC, the first being The Sound of Music which was cancelled due to Covid and Cinderella, in which I played a step-sister.

“I have also done many musical theatre shows outside of school which has really helped my singing to improve and my style to develop.

“For this performance the songs are more classical and I would say that my voice type is mezzo soprano/soprano.”

Cadence is currently involved in the College Chorale and has been in the Junior Drama Club and the Senior Vocal Ensemble.

Cadence is pick of the bunch for Carmen Cadence is pick of the bunch for Carmen

“I thought it would be a great opportunity so I applied to audition. I am feeling very excited as this is a new experience and it has been amazing to have this opportunity to perform with so many talented individuals. I also feeling a bit nervous because it is estimated that there is going to be an audience of 5000 people at the WACA Ground.”