Kimberley Immersion

This year our Kimberley immersion was held in Kununurra. Our students Mathew Walker, Mia Ballard, Katelyn Brown, Emily Palermo, Rebecca McLevie, Emma Bazelmans, Lisa Wright and Matilda Jenkins all enjoyed the experience. We were very fortunate to work with St Joseph’s School in Kununurra, Juniper Care Facility and the Sisters of St Joseph.

The experiences that we had enabled us to work with and interact with Aboriginal people of various ages. Our students really were amazing in the way that they undertook the whole immersion experience!

The Principal from the school commented that our students were the best students they have had visit! The coordinator of Juniper Care also commented on the exceptional way our students interacted with the clients and how much their presence was enjoyed by the staff and clients.

Here are some comments from the students who went on the immersion:

“The immersion was one of the best experiences of my life. I came home with new friends, some amazing memories, and some new goals in my life.“ – Lisa Wright

“The Kununurra Immersion is an experience I will never forget. Kununurra is home to wonderful sights and beautiful people. I have made so many new friends and met some amazing people. The landscape took my breath away and I can’t wait to return to Kununurra one day. It was such a blessing to be given the opportunity to go on this one of a kind experience.” - Katelyn Brown

“The immersion was a big eye opener and was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Seeing their way of life really makes me feel a lot more appreciative of everything I have, and I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity.” - Matilda Jenkins

“The Kununurra immersion was truly an eye opening experience. To have the privilege to be able to stay in their community and to be welcomed with open arms made me feel like I was at home. I will never forget this experience as it has changed my views and helped me understand more about the aboriginal culture. I hope that one day I could go back to Kununurra as there is so much to see and so many amazing people.” – Emily Palermo

“The Kununurra trip has been one of the most fun and most enlightening trips of my life. I thoroughly recommend any person to go on this trip as you will meet some of the most inspiring and kind hearted people in the world. The people I met have inspired me to work harder in my own schooling and to help in some fundraising for them in the future. “ - Mathew Walker

“ Kununurra was amazing! The staff & students at the school welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home. It really was these people who made our experience so special. By seeing the students, and people of Kununurra, their environment and living conditions I was able to realise how good we have it back home in Perth. “ - Emma Bazelmans

“My experience in the Kimberley was a very inspirational time as it enabled me to grow as a person. I would personally like to thank Ms Kyd and Mr McGrath for the unforgettable, memorable and inspirational experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate it.

Working with the children and the elders during the immersion has made me more confident with myself and helped me learn to appreciate the things I do have. I am already missing Kununurra and I hope to go back again sometime, since it was such a memorable experience.” - Mia Ballard

“The Kimberley Immersion was the best experience I’ve ever had. I learnt so much about others and about myself. The kids we all so adorable and the scenery was breathtaking. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go to Kununurra and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested.” – Rebecca McLevie

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